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Trademark: Vilni

Vilni was established early March 2022 as a response to the challenging flow of Ukrainian women who were forced to leave their houses because of russian aggression. It is a social project that supports Ukrainian women, affected by the war by creating jobs, providing psychological help and educational opportunities. Today we provide jobs for 40 craftswomen who knit by hand socks, hats and scarves. For some of them, this is the only income for the whole family. Each product has a unique story via QR from Ukrainian women who made it. 

“Vilni” is a Ukrainian word that means Freedom or ‘Free’ (literally). Freedom means a lot for Ukrainians throughout their history and is extremely important now.       

On February 24, the life of every Ukrainian changed, the Russian Federation started the war against independent and peaceful Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainian women with children left their homes and went wherever far from explosions and shootings to a safe place, inside Ukraine or abroad. They lost their jobs, houses and some of them have lost their friends and relatives. These women are strong, free and conscious to fight for their wellness and for a bright future in their native country. They, like a stork, went to save their children and will come back home one day, they just need a bit of support.

The Vilni project is built on three main hills and was launched to help Ukrainian women who have felt the impact of war in any way: 

Jobs for  internally displaced women and refugees

Ukrainian women inside the country or who are refugees in Tallinn, Estonia can join the project team and get a possibility to earn money via knitting handmade products using standard schemes or creating their own models. Each craftswoman gets a Starter kit (Start Pack) for knitting as well as scheme,video-lessons and full-scale support is provided from a coordinator during the process. Some of handmade products from Ukraine are transported to Estonian partner company Volia Knitters OY for further sales.

To the world about Ukraine

The products are sold to different countries of the world online and offline and have a barcode that lead to the personal story of the craftswoman about her life, tradition or culture.

Vilni women’s community

We are building a safe online space for all participants where they can feel the supportive soul of another woman, read the story about dishes cooked  today and just get some mental relaxation from today’s real life in Ukraine. The project supports the community by holding meetings with various specialists: psychologists, yoga trainers, art therapists, etc.

We have already attracted the first investors who believed in the project and secured the purchase of materials and salaries of craftswomen for the first period, but we continue growing and are welcoming you to support the project. 

By ordering Vilni products you are not just buying goods, but also giving support to Ukrainian women who found themselves in difficult living conditions. It is a good way of showing social responsibility of your company.

Visit www.vilni.design to learn more about Vilni and stories of our craftswomen. 

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Vilni means free, which is exactly about Ukrainian people