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Trademark: VENKO

We are a workshop, specialized in plywood processing.
Taras and Yura as owners have been friends since school and continued as
partners at Venko.
We have been working as a workshop since 2014.
For the past 8 years, we have successfully found our place on local
market in Ukraine. Our main passion is 3D decorative panels, produced from
plywood. Such panels are used as a part of interior design.
We are flexible and curious about other projects and products. Therefore, besides panels, we
produce various of products: furniture, toys, parts for other productions.
Our location is in Western Ukraine, Radyvyliv, Rivne region.
We are in a small town, with 10 thousands people living here.
It is 150km from the Polish border. Our town is located on a main road to Poland, so the logistics
is comfortable