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TSO boards company · space to create

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Trademark: TSO boards company · space to create

TSO is a family business, which has been operating for three generations of the Telbukhʼs family.


In 1999, we set up a workshop that designed and manufactured whiteboards and special innovative designs for Philip Morris International.


Over 20 years, we have created more than 50 original models of boards, received a number of European patents, increased production capacity, and introduced modern technologies. Nowadays, our regular customers are representatives of both small and large businesses, and our boards are used in all areas of life:

- educational institutions

- offices

- houses

- banks

- coffee shops and many other areas.


Depending on the design and the materials used, we produce the following types of products: marker boards; chalk boards, cork boards, glass flipcharts; mobile and wall boards, table boards.


In consequence of new technologies, we were able to start massive production of structures based on natural materials with high indicators of reliability, safety, and environmental friendliness.


Nowadays, in 2022, our production is located in an area of over 1,700 square meters.


The production lines are well - equipped with modern laser machines, which is served by more than 40 specialists with international qualifications.


Our products are manufactured in five cycles:


1) Metal cutting. During this stage several types of metal are used: black, white and green. This stage is considered one of the most essential, therefore every six months our company inspects the equipment in accordance with international requirements. The materials and protective layers used in the production of the boards are resistant to external factors.

2) Gluing.  TSO company uses a special expensive glue for the metal. All the materials and products are non-toxic to human health. Using them in normal atmospheric conditions does not require the precautionary measures.


3) Outlining. Our professionals work on high-precision and high-quality equipment. In order to make the markings, tables, planes appear on the product (marker or green board), we use a CNC-machine (Computer Numerical Control machine). This is a device for high-precision outlining. It removes the top layer of metal or other material.


4) Product assembly. The design of the board elements and the dimensions provide the possibility of performing different operation options depending on the customers' needs. Our highly skilled technicians make sure that all element connections provide structural strength and that bolt connections are secured against unscrewing when the products are used. Movable joints provide easy movement, close and lock tightly.


5) Packaging. We pack our products, using a modern packaging machine. Product packaging provides protection from mechanical and climatic factors during transportation and storage. We control that all are used as recyclables.


TSO Company is an innovative production company, the leader of the Ukrainian market in the production of visual communication means.

Our mission is to deliver products that allow people to be creative,  share ideas, learn and collaborate.


Our products have already been installed in more than 20 thousand educational institutions in Ukraine. Our patented innovations are used by more than 100,000 modern high-tech companies in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.


The company has a large number of awards, which we consider to be a confirmation of our contribution to the culture and economy of Ukraine. For several years in a row, we have been the best in the nominations:

- “Choice of the year”,

- "Best Manufacturer",

- “Best Innovation of the Year”.

At the moment, our research group is developing new devices that can give traditional means of communication new opportunities that modern consumers need.


In 2023, we plan to release the first digital line of SMART BOARDS connected to mobile applications, including AR and digital visualization algorithms.


The TSO team is a big family of dreamers who know how to bring bold ideas to life!