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Luxury LINEN

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Trademark: Luxury LINEN

About us


Luxury Linen is a Ukrainian company, a manufacturer of bed linen and other household items made of flax. The company was established in 2020. During the pandemic, the company's owner, Elina Kanibolotska, won a grant prize and started to develop her brand not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The purpose of creating this brand was the desire of the Luxury Linen company to give customers an opportunity to receive not only quality products, but also to have in their home things that will be beautiful, and most importantly - environmentally friendly, in addition to everyday favorite things.


Environmental friendliness of products:


Nowadays, the relevance of the topic of "less waste" is growing every day. After all, it is so important to take care not only of your own comfort, but also not to forget about the consequences of production, use, disposal and processing. That is why Luxury Linen has chosen one of the most organic and environmentally friendly materials - flax.

After all, during the growth and maturation of flax plants are not treated with harmful chemicals, as flax is practically not prone to disease, and not demanding on soil composition. Also, any chemical reagents are used in the production of the fiber, as nature itself separates the coarse outer shell from the soft inner fibers under the influence of soil microorganisms during the drying of the sheaves.




Luxury Linen is currently established in Ukraine and the United States. The main line of activity - specializes in the production & trade of bed linen, kitchen textiles, and curtains. All products are 100% environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antiseptic (due to the fabric's own properties).


Our range

Linen products can be purchased at the best prices from a manufacturer in Ukraine. We have our own well-growing production, thanks to which costs are reduced and goods are sold at low prices.


Our range:

-       Sets for dining purposes, as well as tablecloths and napkins;

-       Dining room sets;

-       Towels, ranging from hand-held types to large bath towels;

-       Wedding and gift towels;

-       Bedding sets from the manufacturer.

-       Curtains

This is not the entire list of products. You can find a complete list of our products in the product catalog on our website - luxurylinen.design. There you will find the entire range offered by us at the best prices from the manufacturer.

We constantly update our assortment with the latest innovations and offer you only high-quality products!


Working Benefits


Buying linen products in the online store is simple and easy now. We have great gift propositions. All goods are bright, elegant and able to decorate and give for home comfort a certain zest. The products of our company will bring well-being and comfort to each home. Our factory boasts its own well-established production. We recommend you purchase Luxury Linen’s linen products, because it guarantees the quality of the products, as well as affordable prices.

-       Buying linen products on our official website means purchasing high-quality goods, made from natural materials. If necessary, we provide certificates and quality assurance for the goods;

-       At the factory, there is a complete control of the technological process, and each employee performs the work efficiently and responsibly;

-       All goods are manufactured on modern and high-tech equipment;

-       All employees are experienced professionals with extensive experience and constantly improving their skills;

-       The goods at the factory can be purchased both in small and large wholesale. Thanks to well-established technological processes for the production of linen products, our company can produce a large volume of products under the order in the shortest possible time.

-       Wide variety of materials and colors.

-       Delivery of goods worldwide.

-       Individual production of non-standard sizes


Textile Information

Linen bedding will appeal to connoisseurs of natural materials that have a beneficial effect of the quality of sleep. In our company, you can buy wholesale linen bedding made by Luxury LINEN.