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Trademark: EMM

KATERYNOSLAVSKI MEBLEVI MAYSTERNY LTD (KMM LTD) is  a leading manufacturer of orthopedic spring and foam mattresses, sleeping accessories and boxspring beds in Ukraine. 

Our company produces sleeping products under its own brand EMM. We have 17 own brands of mattresses and 12 models of boxspring and continental beds.

KMM was founded in 2006 and has full production cycle, starting from foam casting and rolling spring wire with further production of springs to finished products.  

In 2020, our company opened a new workshop for production of boxspring beds/ continental beds.

KMM has its own laboratory for quality control of products and materials.

Laboratory equipment allows to determine the stiffness of the mattress, check the physical and mechanical characteristics of the wire rod, wire, ready-made springs and foam.

Our company is ready to produce products for you under your own brand and upon all your wishes.

Our customers are XXXLutz, JYSK, Epicenter, Studio Moderna (DORMEO brand).