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Chorney Furniture was founded by Roman Chorney 10 years ago in a 750-square-foot building in Chernivtsi, western Ukraїne. 

From an early age, observing his grandfather (a carpenter) at work, Roman determined to make a living with the incredible process of transforming untreated wood into furniture.

He devoted 15 years of his life to working at a French master's factory, studying the skills and learning the taste of European artisans. Then in 2012, Roman founded a family manufactory of his own. Later joined by his wife, Ksenia, an interior designer.

Thanks to our high qualifications, we bring to life the design ideas of our customers with precision to the smallest detail. With pleasure and mainly we realize individual design objects, and we also have a small line of our own furniture.

Production always begins with carefully selecting wood species, its character, appropriate variety and structure, then competently drying and careful processing even the smallest details with advanced equipment.

Hand-carved wood, safe and durable lacquer coatings and the embodiment of traditions and family values   distinguish the company's products from the usual piece of furniture and create an incredible atmosphere of family comfort in any room.

One of the essential values   of our family is respect for nature and ecology; that is why in the production cycle, we use wood coatings and paints produced by ILVA Polimeri (Milan, Italy) company, its history dating back to 1946. With significant experience after many years of the research and production of wood coatings, ILVA guarantees the quality of its paints and varnishes and pays special attention to health and environmental protection. The company's policy aims to implement the highest health safety and environmental security standards established by strict European legislation.

In addition, we often use natural vegetable oils and natural wax for the finish.

In our furniture, we use decorative accessories and handles from the best Italian, Spanish and French manufacturers, which in addition to high quality, offer exclusive materials such as gold, Swarovski crystals, natural mother of pearl and more.

When it comes to functional fittings, such as hinges and fillers, we prefer the products of the Austrian company Blum or classic wooden guides treated with natural wax.

Our main motto is: "make it as you would for someone you love". So besides investing many years of experience and knowledge, we also present love and inspiration. We strive to ensure that our products give our customers joy, satisfaction and family comfort. And because we make our furniture of solid cherry, oak, and walnut - those products also become a family heirloom meant to absorb and preserve the warmest memories.