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"ARTBUZ" creative workshop

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Trademark: "ARTBUZ" creative workshop

Greetings from Ukraine!

Team of "ARTBUZ" creative workshop (since 2003) looking for dealerships to sell our decorative lampshades of series "LIGHTER THAN AIR" on partnership terms.
A series of decorative lampshades "LIGHTER THAN AIR" consists of collapsible light flying vehicles that don't just fill the interior with light, but also make it extraordinary, cozy and memorable. Airy lamps look like real flying machines soaring at height, and its cheerful passengers that enjoy the flight enhance the charm and positive energy within the atmosphere ...

We offer three best-selling models - "Light Parachute", "Light Balloon" and "Light Zeppelin". These models have an original and compact packaging, which makes it easy to deliver by postal services.
Considering the variety of standards and requirements for electrical components in different countries, we designed and produced a universal mount, that fit with standard certified UL and CE light sockets with thread on the body and a shade ring (for example like IKEA HEMMA). All of our parachutes, hot air balloons, zeppelins etc are light and fit within the weight limits for certified light sockets.
We also have certificates of the materials from which the lamps are made: metal and fabric.

Prices (from a warehouse in Kyiv, Ukraine) for the end consumer for three models of series "LIGHTER THAN AIR":
"LIGHT BALLOON" - $275.00
"LIGHT ZEPPELIN" - $290.00

Partnership terms for wholesale buyers:

1. Discount 40% off on order over $12.000
For example $12.815 - the price of a pallet on which is optimally placed:
"LIGHT PARACHUTE" - 36 pieces
"LIGHT BALLOON" - 28 pieces
"LIGHT ZEPPELIN" - 25 pieces
(800x1200 mm, height-550 mm, weight 134 kg = 31.5x47.2 inch, height-21.7 inch, weight 295.5 pounds)

2. Discount 45% off on order over $20.000
For example $20.433 - the price of a pallet on which is optimally placed:
"LIGHT PARACHUTE" - 50 pieces
"LIGHT BALLOON" - 50 pieces
"LIGHT ZEPPELIN" - 50 pieces
(800x1200 mm, height-1000 mm, weight 237 kg = 31.5x47.2 inch, height-39.4 inch, weight 522.5 pounds)

3. Discount 55% off on order over $50.000
For example $50.555 - the price of three pallets on which is optimally placed:
Pallet #1 "LIGHT PARACHUTE" - 306 pieces
(800x1200 mm, height-900 mm, weight 300 kg = 31.5x47.2 inch, height-35.5 inch, weight 661 pounds)
Pallet #2 "LIGHT BALLOON" - 105 pieces
(800x1200 mm, height-750 mm. weight 166 kg = 31.5x47.2 inch, height-29.5 inch, weight 366 pounds)
Pallet #3 "LIGHT ZEPPELIN" - 100 pieces
(800x1200 mm, height-1000 mm, weight 212 kg = 31.5x47.2 inch, height-39.4 inch, weight 467 pounds)

The prices of the goods that is supplied is understood on FCA terms.

If you have any questions regarding partnership, please contact us, we're always in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!

Best wishes,
Team of "ARTBUZ" creative workshop

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«ARTBUZ» creative workshop shows a remarkable embodiment of ideas, capturing how unusual idea, and the perfect embodiment of which is highly appreciated in the international competitions of architecture and design. Own production base allows not only to invent, but also to create art objects, interior items, decor, and author's lighting. Each work is absolutely unique, created handmade only and has the highest quality. We are ready to produce as many products as necessary.
Series of lamps «Lighter than Air», «Shining Dolls», «Luminous Garden», sculpture & souvenir series «Time Whirl» are just a small part of the creative projects implemented by the ARTBUZ's team and realized all over the world.

Join to our family and be assured - this is exactly what you are looking for!

ARTBUZ (since 2003)

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