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WOOD MOOD candles

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Trademark: WOOD MOOD candles

Founded in 2019 by a family team, WOOD MOOD creates impressive décor items with unexpected combinations of natural materials to express their natural beauty.

We invented original wooden candles and spare REfild inserts for limitless satisfaction. The first of their kind, rechargeable wooden candles are a bright example of sustainability, naturality and luxurious experience seasoned with a handcraft.

Gifted by nature, made by human for human.

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In 2022 WOOD MOOD candles were recognized as Top Choice of the Year in Ukraine by an independent jury and social study in overall ranking among all other candle producers. In particularly for their design, quality and sustainability.

WOOD MOOD is socially and eco-responsible: we minimize use of any kind of plastics, and we avoid plastics in packaging completely. All goods are produced only in Ukraine with minimum CO2 footprint. We support local independent farmers, while they supply the highest quality beeswax for our candles. We have zero tolerance policy to use of harmful chemicals in our products.

All products of WOOD MOOD are in high degree handcrafted: from candles to tables, and from vases to notebooks. We value handcraft as the asset of high quality and unique products made by people of free territories of Ukraine.